Production diary 9: Mashrou’ Leila and how major an independent act can be

Posted on May 27, 2015 in Production diary

Hamed Sinno, singer of Mashrou' Leila | Photo:, 27 May 2015, Berne/Switzerland

Mashrou’ Leila is a Lebanese alternative pop-rock band that was founded in a music workshop at the American University in Beirut. The band received great media attention not only at home, but also across the Middle-East, as well as further away – like here in Europe.

We had the great pleasure to meet and interview lead singer Hamed Sinno before the band’s concert in Switzerland to talk about musical influences, their motivation to record in Canada, and how come Mashrou’ Leila hasn’t gone major-label yet.

Smart answers to our purposely cliché questions. Thank you and well done, Hamed!

Show premieres THUR June 4, 2015, on this blog.

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