Production diary 3: Dog Eat Dog and 25 years of ups and downs

Posted on Apr 18, 2015 in Production diary

Dave Neabore, Dog Eat Dog, 2015

Dog Eat Dog found fame in the early/mid-1990s with their album All Boro Kings and their trademark hardcore metal-meets-saxophone sound. Bassist Dave Neabore and guitarist Roger Haemmerli talked to us about the ups and downs of Dog Eat Dog’s career spanning now 25 years.

The band’s story sounds like taken out of a movie. It includes good times, like when the band just kicked it off and got to record with greats such as RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan and Ronnie James Dio, or play renowned festivals. Unfortunately, there were also less good times when issues with their record label made making music a rather difficult matter. There is a happy-ending, though, but you’ll have to watch the interview this June to find out what that happy-ending is.

Show premieres THUR June 4, 2015, on this blog.

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