EPISODE 6.02: Mark Jansen (Epica) on clever marketing, tech and grasping opportunities

Posted on Mar 9, 2017 in Season 6

“Samples nowadays sound extremely good, but when there’s a real human-being playing an instrument instead of a digital instrument – it’s a difference.” – Mark Jansen

We had a very interesting talk with Mark Jansen, mastermind of the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica, on which he elaborated on the band’s early marketing attempts, how to adapt to new technology, how the band tries to counter the trend of decreasing physical sales, the importance of charts, budgets and much more.

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    23. March 2017

    […] he doesn’t seem to mind living the life of the not-so-rich. In a new interview with From Hero to Zero, Jansen was asked about a recent statement from Gene Simmons on having no interest in producing a […]


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