EPISODE 5.10: Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth on changing the business model

Posted on Dec 22, 2016 in Season 5

“[Record companies] need to start realizing that they have got to come in as partners of the bands instead of being the pimps and we’re their whores. That’s the way that artists have been treated for far too long.” – Jon Schaffer, Iced Earth.

We had the great pleasure to talk to one of heavy metal’s most legendary artists: Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth. In this #fhtz interview, Jon elaborates on the importance of building the band’s own headquarters, why anyone who wants to be in the music business needs to be a fighter, and he expressed his feelings on the changing music business environment looking at challenges and opportunities and the relationship between artists and record companies. Jon also pays a compliment to Pär Sundström from Sabaton for his business acumen.

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