EPISODE 4.09: Pär Sundström of Sabaton on early days, all-ages shows and The Last Stand

Posted on Aug 11, 2016 in Season 4

“As we go along, I realised that more and more things you have to do yourself. In the beginning, I was just playing the bass guitar. Now, somewhere between 1 and 2% of my time is actually spent playing music.” – Pär Sundström, Sabaton

Swedish heavy metal powerhouse Sabaton will be realising their brand-new album The Last Stand on August 19, 2016 through Nuclear Blast. Founding member and bassist Pär Sundström gave us the great opportunity to talk about what it takes to become and stay a relevant act in the music business, how the band keeps a good working relationship with producer Peter Tägtgren, and why it is important for Sabaton to play all-ages shows.

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