EPISODE 3.01: Justin Hawkins of The Darkness talks imperfect live albums, chart-eligible plays, and Starsky & Hutch

Posted on Mar 24, 2016 in Season 3

“We don’t want people to think we’re okay. We want people to love us or hate us.” – Justin Hawkins, The Darkness

We are delighted to start the third season of #fhtz with the talented Justin Hawkins, frontman of the award-winning British rock band The Darkness. In this interview, Justin shares his views on imperfect live albums, chart-eligible plays, and how to cook spaghetti (yes, spaghetti). We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed hanging out with him and Bonnie.

  • Chad Sowers

    Have to admit I knew little of The Darkness before seeing this, nor of Mr. Hawkins. Again I am guilty of prejudging sans knowledge. Justin brings great observations and humor to the table. Can honestly say their style is not my cop-o-tea, but wish them nothing but success due to his honesty. Enlightening interview for me personally. Cheers and godspeed to you Justin and all your mates.

  • Dave

    One of the single most misunderstood brilliant stars on the current music skyscape. The Darkness should be much bigger than they are. Solid musicians and philosophy, with great songs and rock and roll spirit. Pretentious and mildly talented mainstream critics pan them constantly, yet the fans know what’s real and what isn’t.

    Best of luck to them and any with their levels of determination, quality and attitude.

  • TheTollundMan

    Very frank and interesting interview. Great band live and recorded, the last album was a true success musically for them. Can’t wait to hear album five with fresh input from new drummer Rufus Taylor.

  • Sebastiano Mereu

    Beautifully said, Dave. I completely agree. Hopefully we can interview Justin or Dan when The Darkness release their fifth record and they can tell us that their fanbase grew even larger and their music reached new corners of the world. The Darkness are definitely modern day music heroes for us.

  • Sebastiano Mereu

    Thank you very much, Chad. And, very happy that Justin was able to give you a new perspective on The Darkness. Cheers mate!

  • Same here, can’t wait to hear The Darkness’ fifth album, since their records have been spinning on replay in my office. Saw them live for the first time right after we shot this interview and I was blown away by the energy, authenticity and the right amount of self-irony. Definitely an underrated band. And, yes, I can well imagine that Rufus Taylor will have a good impact on the next album.

  • Rene L. Roddewig

    I love The Darkness. I saw them for the first time in concert in October. I will be seeing them again on April 8th!!!! Whoo hoo. They are as good live as any recording. Not many bands can say that.

  • Hey Rene, how was the Darkness gig last night?